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COMPLETED: Hand drilled borehole and SL Hand pump for Fullahtown School

  • Type: Hand drilled borehole and SL hand pump

  • Location: Fullahtown, Sierra Leone

  • People directly affected: 232

  • Price: 550 US$

Total Amount Collected: $550

The situation:

Fullah town is located in Waterloo near Freetown in Sierra Leone. The community is deprived of an improved public water service, and the local people has to bring water for their domestic use home from a stream, which has no protection from contamination. At the local school the 222 pupils and 10 staff have to start the day by walking for about half an hour to bring back water from the stream, but often they end up spending longer, missing out on school lessons, due to queuing at the stream.

The solution:

For 550$ class PYP 5 from Esbjerg International School has entirely donated a hand drilled borehole of the depth of 15 meters and closed well with a SL handpump made from locally available materials by W4W’s Sierra Leonean partner ERWS, whom has successfully drilled more than 400 wells of the type with success. The 222 pupils and 10 staff, whom attend the school daily, now have a clean water well in the school yard. This is the first of W4W and ERWS’s School 2 School project.

Read more about the School to School Water Initiative here:

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