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Why get involved as a company?

Get involved as a company, because…

W4W makes it beneficial for companies to sponsor our projects by custom made marketing campaigns and systemized media attention, as described below.

Custom made marketing campaigns

You can look upon W4W as an advertisement agency. By appointment, we offer your company custom made marketing campaigns in return for your charitable donation.
Contrary to an ordinary advertisement agency we forward your money uncut to our charitable projects, opening opportunities of TAX deduction and further ethical branding of your company by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Systemized media attention

W4W is combining adventure and charity by using philanthropic pilgrimages to get a broader organizational network and larger coverage on conventional and social media.

Being extreme and long voyages in time and distance, the pilgrimages and the idea behind are spectacular enough to attract a lot of media attention through a workgroup of volunteers, whom systematically contacts local, regional and national media sources ahead of the pilgrims arrival to their covering areas. By doing so the head sponsors of the specific projects will have their brand seen and mentioned in newspapers and TV footages throughout a wide spread area.
We also use social media to make posts from the pilgrimages with video, photo and text updates, to attract online followers, enlarging the network of the organization and the surface on which the project and our sponsors will be seen.

W4W are documenting and uploading videos about life on the road through the great diversity of the geographical landscapes the pilgrimages are passing through, and interviewing the different subcultures met along the way.
We do this to give the viewer a bigger perspective of different lifestyles and a better understanding and feeling of unity with the people, with whom we share the planet, and to pitch the potential production of regular TV-programs to the TV-channels, which we are hoping eventually to commission a program. As a head sponsor you will have your brand planted on a visible spot at all these outlets and exposures.

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Special thanks to Lasertryk for supporting us by printing flyers and posters.

A sponsor project may look like this…

⋅Leyan, Liberia, project by Eurofins

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