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Become a passive member of W4W…

…and take part in our mission of providing clean water for all!

As a passive member…

  • You are invited to participate, vote and run for the board at our annual General Assembly in the month of April each year.
  • You will receive an annual Christmas letter with updates of our activities in the past year by mail or email.

Tax deduction

It is extremely important to the association to keep passive members, as Danish law requires a minimum of 100 members paying at least 200 DKK per year in order for sponsors to be able to tax deduct their donations.

Unrestricted funding

Additionally, according to our rules of association all donations for W4W go uncut to the establishment of water services. The membership fees, however, will be an unrestricted funding that will give us the opportunity to optimize W4W’s outreach and platforms. This funding will be used on things such as paid advertisement, production of merchandise, web-hotel, printed material etc.

The membership fees will NOT under any circumstances be used for salaries. The annual budget of the membership account will always be presented at the annual General Assembly and will as well be sent by email to all passive members.

Membership structure

W4W is a non-profit organization based on volunteer work. We have an elected leader-board of volunteers whom meets every second month to plan the activities of the association.
Once every year in the month of April we have a General Assembly, where all registered members are invited.
All registered members can run for the board.

Register as member now

The price of a basic annual membership is 17 DKK per month – which is equivalent to the price of permanently bringing water to one person through one of our projects.

The membership fee is paid for one year in advance at a total of 200 DKK annually

You can choose to support us more by becoming a Bronze, Silver or Gold member, in which case the annual fee is 400 DKK (Bronze), 600 DKK (Silver) or 1000 DKK (Gold).

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