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Community Application Form

Communities with limited access to clean water or worse, according to JMPs global monitoring ladder, can apply for aid, by completely filling the electronic formula below.

Application for communities

A community can apply by sending a video message showing and explaining what the current situation is, collecting water at the current point of service. They will also have to provide the following details in writing.

Stakeholder responsibilities


  • To receive applications
  • To accept or decline the applications based on the criteria stated above
  • To find sponsors for the projects
  • To receive the donated money from the sponsors
  • To send the donated money to the local partners
  • To send picture of completed well and certificate of appreciation to sponsors

Local partners

  • To actively seek communities in worthy need and inform them about the project
  • To instruct and assist the communities in completing the application
  • To screen the application and pass it on to W4W for final review if it lives up to the criteria
  • To visit the community and make an on ground assessment of need on behalf of W4W
  • To actively seek and analyze quotations from local contractors, along with W4W
  • To oversee the facilitation of the well
  • To train the beneficiaries in proper usage and maintenance of the well
  • To send W4W a report of the completed project, including pictures.
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