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Why prioritize water?

Water should be prioritized because…

Access to clean water is the most basic necessity for the survival and living standard of any human being.  It is a condition for development and economic independence for any community.  At Walking For Water, we believe that clean water should be considered a human right for everybody on the planet.  Yet, there are still millions of people kept in despair and poverty by the lack of clean water.

Around 2 billion people worldwide don’t have access to an improved source of drinking water and 3.6 billion people don’t use an improved sanitation facility.

–  UN World Water Development Report, 2023

Most of the communities lacking clean water are located in least developed countries and are often in remote areas.  They are forced to spend immense periods of time walking long distances to get to the nearest source of clean water.  Time used on walking for water is obviously time that cannot be used attending to school, work or other developing activities, nor to plowing the field or looking after a sick child.  This is why some are forced to use infected water for cooking and washing to prioritize their time but at a great risk to their health.

Some 1.2 million people in poorer countries are estimated to die each year from unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. Annual deaths from diarrhea of 395,000 children aged under 5 years old is largely preventable if these risk factors were addressed. Hand washing is not a priority where water is scarce, thereby adding to the likelihood of diarrhea and other diseases.

– UN Water Progress Update, 2021

Wars and natural catastrophes are horrible but periodical problems that will occur from time to time on different locations, and these issues cannot be solved once and for all.  Death and extreme poverty due to a lack of basic human needs, on the other hand, are a constant problem in certain areas, and can be solved for good through redistribution of resources and proper education.

W4W believes that resource-rich countries are capable of giving everyone on earth access to clean water, and thus a ticket to development, independence and a higher living standard, without putting our own welfare significantly at stake.

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