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COMPLETED: Borehole and hand pump for Gbleapedo, Ghana (PN: 0012)

  • Type: Borehole and Electric powered pump station

  • Location: Gbleapedo, Ghana

  • People directly affected: 8156

  • Price: 6800 US$

  • Project handover: September 2021

  • Local Partner: Young Visionary Leaders Ghana

  • Other Partners: LoveSpring Water Denmark

Sponsored by: Hadsten Højskole
Total Amount Collected: $6800

The situation:

Gbleapedo community, in the Volta Region of Ghana close to the Togolese border, is the center point of five communities which are all struggling from the same lack of clean water sources. The other 4 communities are: Sorogakope, Kubakope, Dzenunyekpodzi and Aletame. All rural farming and fishing communities, relying on hand dug wells with salty water and natural contaminated streams.

The solution:

With funding from Hadsten Højskole and assistance from our partners Love Spring Water and Young Visionary Leaders Ghana we successfully raised funds for a geological survey and established a borehole at the depth of 90 meters and a functional public water pumping system, including a 2HP electric water pump, two 10,000 liters storage tanks, 4 standing taps and 11 taps on the concrete platform, and a painted sign board. Additionally the community has established a water committee responsible for caretaking and maintenance of the water project in all future. 

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