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COMPLETED: Hand pump for Leyan, Liberia

  • Type: Hand pump
  • Location: Leyan, Liberia

  • People directly affected: 760

  • Price: 3,650 US$

Total Amount Collected: $3,650

The situation:

In Leyan, near Monrovia in Liberia, estimated 760 people were sharing a single handpump. During the dry season the water level in the borehole is low, and each household (often with many people living together) are entitled to collect no more than 2 buckets of clean water per day, to make sure that every household gets their share. Imagine the poor level of hygiene in a home of 5 people or more sharing 2 buckets of water per day for drinking, cooking, bathing.

The solution:

For 3,650 US$ W4W’s local partner, the Liberian NGO United Youth, have installed a second hand pump in the community, doubling the quantity of water per household per day in the dry season. United Youth has additionally trained the community in maintaining the pump and will check up on the pump every once in a while; to make sure the pump is properly used and maintained.

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