COMPLETED: Borehole and solar powered pump for Zinda

  • Type: Borehole and solar powered pump

  • Location: Zinda, Nigeria

  • People directly affected: 1,300

  • Price: 6,500 US$

Total Amount Collected: $6,500

The situation:

In Zinda near Abuja approximately 800 villagers accommodate about 500 internally displaced persons in their community. The IDPs has been driven to flee from their home region due to the terrors of Boko Haram. In Zinda most people are poor farmers. The majority of the people there fetch their water for domestic use at the stream, which causes diarrheal diseases amongst the them.

The solution:

For 6,500 US$ The local entrepreneur Djoup Aqua Resources Ltd. has been drilling a borehole and installed a 1.5 HP solar powered water pump, a water tower with 4 x 2,500 liter water tanks, and a shed allowing people to charge their mobile devises for a fee that contributes to the fund for future maintenance of the water system and keeps the water price for the 1.300 users on a minimum. The project was completed in August 2020.

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