The overall goal of W4W is to make it interesting and beneficial for everyone – commercials, media and privates - to make an impact for a more equal world where clean water is a human right by contributing to one and benefitting from another entity in a circulation of services.

As W4W is run entirely by volunteers, none of the money sponsored are used on
administration and salaries.
100% of the donations go entirely to our charitable projects.

Why prioritize water?

Water should be prioritized because...

Access to clean water is the most basic necessity for the survival and living standard for any human being, and a condition for development and economical independence for any community. Therefor we believe that clean water should be considered a human right for everybody on the planet. Yet, there are still millions of people kept in despair and poverty by the lack of clean water.

Worldwide there are more than 748 million people without access to an improved source of drinking water and 2.5 billion people do not use an improved sanitation facility.

United Nations, March 2015.

By far most of the communities in lack of clean water are located in developing countries and often in remote areas where they are forced to spend immense periods of time walking long distances to get to the nearest source of clean water.
Time used on walking for water is obviously time that cannot be used attending to school, work or other developing activities or to plow the farm or look after a sick child, why some feel forced to take their chances and use infected water for cooking and washing to prioritize their time on urgent issues.

Some 842 000 people are estimated to die each year from diarrhea as a result of unsafe drinking-water, sanitation and hand hygiene. But diarrhea is largely preventable, and the deaths of 361 000 children aged under 5 could be avoided each year if these risk factors were addressed. Where water is not readily available, people may decide hand washing is not a priority, thereby adding to the likelihood of diarrhea and other diseases.

World Health Organizations Fact sheet N°391,
 June 2015.

Wars and natural catastrophes are horrible but periodically problems that will occur from time to time on different locations, and cannot be solved once and for all.
Death and extreme poverty due to a lack of basic human needs, on the other hand, are a constant problem in certain areas, and can be solved for good by a redistribution of resources and proper education.
We believe that the resource-rich countries are capable of giving everyone on earth the access to clean water, and thus a ticket to development, independence and a higher living standard, without putting our own welfare significantly at stake.
Why get involved as a volunteer?

You should get involved as a volunteer because..

💧 It is a unique chance to practice or discover a passion or skill of your own, to improve it, and to make a greater purpose of all your practicing hours.

💧 It is a way to extend your network and make yourself some good contacts to use in the future for business as well as pleasure.

💧 It is a large platform to get your skills seen by potential future employers all over Europe and Africa. Walking for Water has followers from more than 40 different countries and by exposing your skill here you will always have a good reference point where people can see your work.

💧 As a small organization you will have the possibility to work very independently and get a lot of responsibility if you want to.

💧 It is a possibility to get a feeling of purpose in life, by actively taking part in making the world a better place by finding and using tour personal passion for compassion

As a volunteer, you get involved by...

Using your skills
Do you have a special skill that you would you like to develop and get seen by a lot of people and companies all over Europe and Africa? Are you an upcoming, retired or amateur Salesman, adman, artist, marketing analyst, multimedia designer, musician or other? Whatever your skill is, you shouldn’t waste your talent. Contact Walking for Water on and we will help you to put your training hours into use, making the world a better place.

Joining the volunteer work-groups
If you cant think of a specific skill or interest you would like to make use of, we always need more people to join the volunteer workgroups whom systematically contact potential media partners and sponsors. The more people there are, and the larger a geographical area and number of languages we cover, the more companies will we be able to contact and the bigger is our chances to reach our final goal. In these small and social online groups the members themselves divide the work between them. The tasks are mainly about using the Internet to track down media channels in a particular area and send them already written drafts.
OR systematically write applications to a certain kind of company such as outdoor brands or mineral water distributors. Generally the work is easy and doesn’t necessarily require much time from each member (down to an hour weekly), as the information sent doesn’t differ much from company to company. However you do have the opportunity to be creative as well, analyzing the companies in question and customizing the applications for their individual company profiles. If you would like to join one of the small social and self-organizing work groups, write us an email on and we will return to you with further information.

Sharing your network and/or ideas
Maybe you happen to have a contact in a the media, in an organization or in a company that you think it would be interesting for Walking for Water to get in touch with?
Maybe you haven’t time or interest to participate in the volunteer workforce yourself, but know someone who does?
Maybe you know of a fund or an organization that you think Walking for Water could benefit from contacting?
Whatever contacts or ideas you have to help Walking for Water reaching its goal, please feel free to contact us at any time at

Why get involved as a company?

Get involved as a company, because...

W4W makes it beneficial for companies to sponsor our projects by custom made marketing campaigns and systemized media attention, as described below.

Custom made marketing campaigns
You can look upon W4W as an advertisement agency. By appointment, we offer your company custom made marketing campaigns in return for your charitable donation.
Contrary an ordinary advertisement agency we forward your money uncut to our charitable projects, opening opportunities of TAX deduction and further ethical branding of your company by Corporate Social Responsibility

Write us NOW to get a non-binding offer on

Systemized media attention
W4W is combining adventure and charity by using Philanthropic pilgrimages to get a broader organizational network and larger coverage on conventional and social media.

Being extreme and long voyages in time and distance, the pilgrimages and the idea behind, are spectacular enough to get a lot of media attention through a workgroup of volunteers, whom systematically contacts local, regional and national media sources ahead of the pilgrims arrival to their covering areas. By doing so the head sponsors of the specific projects will have their brand seen and mentioned in Newspapers and TV footages throughout a wide spread area.
We also use the social media to make posts from the pilgrimages, with video, photo and text updates to attract online followers, enlarging the network of the organization and the surface on which the project and our sponsors will be seen.

W4W are documenting and uploading videos about life on the road through the great diversity of geographical landscapes the pilgrimages are passing through and interviewing the different subcultures met along the way.
We do this to give the viewer a bigger perspective of different lifestyles, and a better understanding and feeling of unity with the people we share the planet with and to pitch the potential production of regular TV- programs to the TV-channels, which we are hoping eventually to commission a program. As a head sponsor you will have your brand planted on a visible spot at all these exposures.

Write us NOW to get a non-binding offer on

Why get involved as a media source?

Get involved as a media company, because..

As a national, regional or local news source you should make a feature about Walking for Water because..

To change the world for the better we all need to do our part, and this is a chance for you as an editor or reporter to use your position and passion for compassion yourself. Besides…

📺 The story is timely
We got a W4W pilgrimage going on right now, and your audience probably hasn’t heard about the concept before. It is now and it is here.

📺 The story is significant
It is an alternative way to help thousands of people and we reach out for everybody to join the cause, using their own interests, combining passion and compassion. More so it is a possibility for your audience to participate in the project.

📺 The story is proximate
If you consider making a feature about this, it is probably because a W4W pilgrim are moving through the covering area of your media right now, or will be doing so very soon. Make the feature now, because a W4W pilgrim is always on the move and will probably soon be out of your covering area again.

📺 The story has human interest
Someone identifiable taking chances, working hard, being happy, helping others and following his dreams, should be inspiring to a broad audience.

📺 The story is novel
It’s a story of openness, bonding and above all happiness through compassion in a time where the opposite fills the media.

📺 The story is newsworthy
Because so many other media sources can hardly be wrong. See some of the former digitalized articles and video footages about W4W pilgrimages HERE

A special thanks to our sponsors

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