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COMPLETED: Borehole and hand pump for Reformed Community School, Morabi, Sierra Leone (PN: 0041)

  • Type: Hand drilled borehole and SL pump

  • Location: Reformed Community School, Morabi, Sierra Leone

  • People directly affected: 673

  • Price: 550 US$

Sponsored by: Esbjerg International School
Total Amount Collected: $550

The situation:

Reformed Community School started in 2008 by the community members. It was later closed down for two years due to insufficient funds to run it. In 2010, the school was revived by the government and opened as a public school. The school has about 650 students and 23 teachers.

Up to project implementation the school has relied on an unprotected water source that belongs to the community. It is located in an arid and semiarid land prone to receiving little to no rainfall. The water in the well runs out very fast and is a seasonal well. The school is forced to purchase water, and this affects them because the students who have not cleared their school fees are often chased out of class.

The water the school buys comes from unregulated sources. Often, students complain of stomachaches or suffer from waterborne illnesses due to drinking the water at school. Students miss class time as a result – harming their learning experience.

The solution:

For 550$ Esbjerg International School has donated a hand drilled borehole and a closed well with a SL handpump made from locally available materials by W4W’s Sierra Leonean partner ESSL. The students and staff at Reformed Community School, Morabi, counting 673 people, now have a clean water well available at their premises. The project was completed in September 2021.

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