Type: Borehole and handpump
Location: Sinikosson, Ivory Coast
People directly affected: 1300
Price: 18,000 US$

The situation:

In Sinikosson Community, in the Man region in Cotê d’Ivoire 1,300 people are depending on 3 hand dug wells in the community. During the dry season, from December to March, the wells runs dry and the villagers must walk 3 km. to the nearest water source, a river with unclean water. During these months they use the river water for drinking and domestic use, which makes them sick.

The solution:

For 18,000 US$ A local entrepreneur will drill a borehole and install a hand water pump to provide sufficient clean ground water for up to 2.000 people all year round. The local community pledge to make a water board, collecting funds for future maintenance expenses from the users. The installation and upkeep of the system will be supervised by local organization International Cocoa Initiative.