Type: Borehole and electrical pump
Location: Sonitra, Ghana
People directly affected: 1,500
Price: 4,700 US$

The situation:

In Sonitra Community, North of Accra in Ghana 1,500 people are depending on the rainwater collected in an abandoned gravel pit. There have been several incidents of children falling on the rocky slopes and drowning in the pit. Besides it is a source of still water, which easily is contaminated and as such poses a health risk to the users.

The solution:

For 4,700 US$ A local entrepreneur will drill a borehole and install an electric water pump that will be connected to a storage tank with 3 taps, to avoid waste time of the users standing in line. The system will provide sufficient clean ground water for the 1,500 people living in the community, all year round. The local community pledge to make a water board, responsible for starting and stopping the pump to fill the tank when needed, and to collect funds for future maintenance expenses from the users. The installation and upkeep of the system will be supervised by local organization Young Visionary Leaders.