Type: Electric pumping system
Location: Lengasti, Tanzania
People directly affected: 8,000
Price: 23,650 US$

The situation:

In Lengasti, South of the mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, estimated 8.000 people and ten thousands of livestock are suffering from a lack of clean water. The nearest clean water source is located 12 kilometers away from the village, forcing the people of Lengasti out on a 24 kilometershike, to bring home clean water. The for the weakest and poorest people who can’t prioritize their time on walking for water or pay someone else to do it for them, risks the life and health of themselves and their children, by using contaminated water from more nearby mud holes, for domestic purposes.

The solution:

For 23.650US$ A trusted local entrepreneur will connect a pump from nearest clean water source to the national electricity net and install a second electricity powered pump at a middle station providing Lengasti village with clean water.