Water Project Sonitra
W4W – Water Project Sonitra
February 7, 2018
Charlie C - TEDx PortBouet - The meaning of life and the Egoism in Altruism
W4W – Charlie Uldahl Christensen – TEDx PortBouet – The meaning of life and the Egoism in Altruism
February 11, 2018

W4W – Water Project Takoradi

The situation: In the big city Takoradi in the South-Western part of Ghana, Christ Shalom Sarah Ever-Ready Missionary School and Orphanage is housing about 20 children on full time, and offers free education for additional 40 children. Butmany kids are still on the street and in need of a home, food and education, and the facility is large enough to house several hundred children more. The founder and headmaster has a vision; to build a perma cultural domestic farm, that would make it possible to take in more kids from the street and become self-sustainable in that mission. However, they need their own well, in order to irrigate the fields and realise this dream. The solution: A local entrepreneur will drill a borehole, and install an electrical pump. The pump will be connected to a storage tank on the roof wherefrom the water will be led down through the house, using it for cooking, washing and flushing. A pipe will lead the water down on a plateau on the other side of the house, where the farms will be planted in raised beds. Donate: Any private person or company can be a part of the solution in Takoradi by donating directly to the project on W4W’s website. You can choose to have your name and donation mentioned on the page, or to be anonymous. Once the full amount for the project has been reached, the project will be marked as Accomplished by Crowd funding. If at any time before the full amount is raised, a single company takes upon them to sponsor the full amount, this company will be marked as head sponsor of the project, and have their name and logo presented as a hyperlink for their website, on the banner for the project, on the front page. If this happens, all lesser donations for the particular project, along with the information of donators, will be transferred to another of W4W’s unfinished projects. ALL W4W’s WORK IS VOLUNTEER AND ALL MONEY DONATED TO W4W’s PROJECTS GOES 100% UNCUT TO W4W’s WATER PROJECTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.