November 17, 2017
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International Cocoa Initiative
December 6, 2017

W4W – Sinikosson

The situation: In Sinikosson Community, in the Man region in Cotê d’Ivoire 1,300 people are depending on 3 hand dug wells. During the dry season, from December to March, the wells runs dry and the villagers must walk 3 km. to the nearest water source, a river. During these months they use the river water for drinking and domestic use. They get sick from drinking the river water. The solution: For 18,000 US$ A local entrepreneur will install a solar pump and a water tank near the school. The pump will go deep and supply sufficient water for the whole community all year round. The local community pledge to make a water board, collecting funds for future maintenance expenses from the users. The installation and upkeep of the system will be supervised by local organization International Cocoa Initiative. Donate: Any private person or company can be a part of the solution in Sinikosson by donating directly to the project on W4W’s website. You can choose to have your name and donation mentioned on the page, or to be anonymous. Once the full amount for the project has been reached, the project will be marked as Accomplished by Crowd funding. If at any time before the full amount is raised, a single company takes upon them to sponsor the full amount, this company will be marked as head sponsor of the project, and have their name and logo presented as a hyperlink for their website, on the banner for the project, on the front page. If this happens, all lesser donations for the particular project, along with the information of donators, will be transferred to another of W4W’s unfinished projects. ALL W4W’s WORK IS VOLUNTEER AND ALL MONEY DONATED TO W4W’s PROJECTS GOES 100% UNCUT TO W4W’s WATER PROJECTS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.