Water Project Tulun
W4W – Water Project Tulun
July 6, 2017
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Euroman – Interview: Charlie Uldahl Christensen
August 23, 2017

W4W – Home Leone

HOMELEONE 14. July, Newton, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Home Leone is an organisation, building a village with low cost houses and providing jobs for 2.000 of Salones poorest people. Among other things HomeLeone has their own brick factory where they produce bricks for their own use and for selling. In July Charlie Uldahl Christensen from Walking for Water visited Home Leone in Newton near Freetown, Sierra Leone and made this short video about the project. The need for safe homes got emphasised shortly after the visit, when hundreds of people got buried alive in a huge mudslide during the rainy season. This would not have happened if they didn’t live in safe housings. Here are some data about the housing situation in Freetown. Borrowed from HomeLeone’s Destiny village Flyer. – Freetown alone, has a housing stock shortfall of 280,000 homes; – One in five people sleep in a room with 10 or more people each night; – 5,000 families are in “immediate danger of death;” – 94% of Freetown homes have no flush toilets; – The population, having no tenure, live in fear of having their home destroyed by government or natural disaster; – In the slums, disease is prevalent, life expectancy low, inadequate education and health care facilities, limited access to water, let alone clean water and inconsistent availability of electricity results in unacceptably low health indicators; – Dangerous locations, lack of land rights and ownership means that relocation, not upgrade, is the only viable solution; – In a new community, people want employment, safe tenure, affordable low cost housing, education, health care, clean water, waste management and power; From this extensive study and listening carefully to stakeholders, Home Leone designed a culturally appropriate, sustainable community-led business low cost housing approach. Hear Joe and Nigel, the men behind HOMELEONE explain more about the project in this video.