Walking for Water is a not for profit charitable organization. We believe that basic needs are a human right, and our ultimate vision is to make clean water accessible to every person alive. We reward donating enterprises with systemized advertisement on social and conventional media throughout systemized media attention produced through extreme adventurous long distance voyages known as philanthropic pilgrimages.


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  • Type: Hand pump
  • Location: Tulun, Sierra Leone
  • People directly affected: 1000
  • Price: 2,200 US$


  • Type: Hand pump
  • Location: Leyan, Liberia
  • People directly affected: 760
  • Price: 3650 US$


  • Type: Electric pumping system
  • Location: Lengasti, Tanzania
  • People directly affected: 8,000
  • Price: 23,650 US$


  • Type: Borehole and electrical pump
  • Location: Sonitra, Ghana
  • People directly affected: 1,500
  • Price: 4,700 US$


  • Type:Borehole and electrical pump
  • Location: Takoradi, Ghana
  • People directly affected: 1,000
  • Price: 3,100 US$


  • Type: Borehole and handpump
  • Location: Sinikosson, Ivory Coast
  • People directly affected: 1300
  • Price: 7,950 US$
My name is Charlie Uldahl Christensen

On the 18th of may 2015 I freed myself from my job, my apartment and most of my possessions and started walking from my hometown Esbjerg in Denmark to the village Lengasti in Tanzania on the East Coast of Africa.
It's now been 1248 days days since the start of my journey!

See this video from March 2015 explaining the water situation in Lengasti.

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For about 4 years and more than 18.000 kilometres I will walk through 29 countries on the European and African continent.

I will work fulltime on finding new communities in need of water and promoting project sponsors by uploading content on Walking for Waters social media pages and seek media coverage in the conventional media in all countries on my way.

You can see video interviews as well as my own video footages from life on the road and my meeting with different subcultures, in the media archive, and get recent updates by follow my journey on facebook or instagram.

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Do you dream about planning a pilgrimage of your own?
Walk with us!

Here can you combine your personal passion of adventuring with compassioning of the ones who needs it the most.

Read the following paragraphs from The Walking for Water Rules of Association below, and then contact us.

Contact us here to present your project

Excerpt from Walking for Water Rules of Association

§ 2. Purpose
Stk. 1. W4W is a non-political and non-religious organization whose purpose is to combine adventure and charity, by supporting selected charitable water-related development projects created on the basis of philanthropic pilgrimages, which must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the organization's support:

a. One must raise money through hiking.
b. The money must go to water-related development projects.
Stk. 2. The organization will accept applications for the establishment of projects under W4W guidelines and logo.

Stk. 3 The organization will accept or reject applicants based on whether their projects meet W4W's criteria and based on an assessment of whether there is a surplus in the organization to provide effective support in each project.

Stk. 4 The organization will support the accepted applicants with the planning, promotion and administrative support for their projects.

Stk. 5 The organization shall ensure that the money sponsored for the chosen projects goes directly, in full and tax-exempt through the organization to the non-profit projects.

§ 3. Values and goals

People, Environment and Understanding.

Stk. 1 We believe that clean water is among the most basic needs of a society's well-being and development and believe that all people on earth should have access to clean drinking water. We will try to promote this goal through our projects.

Stk. 2 We will as far as possible try to encourage the development of green energy, with the projects we provide. This is a preference, not a requirement.

Stk. 3 We will as far as possible try to create a concept that is known to give sponsors something in return for their money, in the form of, for example advertising. This is a preference, not a req uirement.

Stk. 4 We want to promote trust between cultures and believe that this is best done by meeting each other in a down to earth way. We believe that insight into foreign cultures and peoples daily lives, expands both parties' horizons and helps to build ties, rather than building walls. We will try to promote this goal through our projects.

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