My name is Charlie Uldahl Christensen

On the 18th of may 2015 I freed myself from my job, my apartment and most of my possessions and started walking from my hometown Esbjerg in Denmark to the village Lengasti in Tanzania on the East Coast of Africa.

It's now been 885 days days since the start of my journey!

In Lengasti, thousands of people are forced to walk a long way to the nearest water source. The poorest people who cant prioritize their time on walking for water, risks the life and health of themselves and their children, by drinking contaminated water from nearby mud holes.

See this video from March 2015 explaining the water situation in Lengasti.

lightbox titleFor about 3 years and more than 18.000 kilometres I will walk through 29 countries on the European and African continent.

On my way I will report about life on the road and interview some of the different people from other cultures I meet on my way.

I will work fulltime on promoting the cause and my sponsors through systemized media attention and various cultural arrangements, and the walking for water volunteer workgroups will set me up with media contacts along the way on the whole journey.

You can see the video interviews and articles as well as my own video footages from life on the road and my meeting with different subcultures, in the media archive.

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